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Writing with Pen

Are you looking for an expert to produce powerful content for your business needs? You have come to the right place. I am part of a rich pool of consulting support to help you achieve your business outcomes.


Jay Desan, Managing Director at Synergio

Sharmila the writer is a rare find. She combines both writing skills and deep business understanding. Good business writing requires clarity, precision and depth. It's a bit of science and art, both of which Sharmila brings to the table with ease. In the course of a complex project, she provided much needed structure and quick thinking. I would happily work with her again, should the opportunity arise.

Kit Yee Foo, Economics Analyst at PwC Malaysia

It was absolutely a pleasant time working with Sharmila. She helped with the editing of a public document and we were impressed by her impeccable work ethic. Sharmila had shown a high level of commitment during the project period.


Despite a tight timeline, Sharmila was able to turn around very quickly and at the same time maintain the high quality of her work.


We highly appreciated the effort Sharmila put in making our project a successful one.

Michael Ang, Communications Practitioner

Writers are like chess players. Some are born gifted. Others work hard to hone their craft. Then, there are those who are born gifted yet also work hard - these people are the truly powerful ones and Sharm is one of them. Gifted, meticulous and with a technical ability even within tight creative spaces to make the norm interesting, and the interesting wholesomely captivating.

Zhenni Wu, Senior Director of Marketing at Arcion Labs

Sharmila is a very hard working and methodical writer! Her background in startups made her a perfect copywriter candidate for our series A company. She consistently asks for feedback on her work and meticulously works on them until the copy meets and exceeds your expectations. She also has great communication skills where she will check in with me and update the progress on her work on daily basis. This is critical especially when we work in different time zones. She is one of the few freelancers that I work with that I rarely need to chase her. I highly recommend her for any copywriting work! You won’t regret it.

Source: LinkedIn

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