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Affordable Online Courses For Freelance Writers

Four courses that won't break the bank

Everyone needs a little boost every now and then, and what better way to do that than enrolling in and completing an online course?

I reckon that you probably go: “Whoa, that’s too expensive!” when you see the price tag for an online course for writers and often, you are right. This is precisely why I took the time to curate four of the most affordable, yet high quality online courses available on the World Wide Web, just for you.

Be warned however, that these courses are still priced in US dollars. They are not cheap, just pretty affordable. Cheap makes a poor investment when you’re trying to elevate your skills; I recommend that you think of self-development as an investment. Try not to focus too much on the cost, but the potential return on investment you can actually get out of one of these courses.

I would like to declare that the providers are not affiliates and that I make no income from recommending these courses to you. This post therefore is purely informative and meant to help other writers looking to improve themselves.

Now, on to the actual list:

1.Ready Set Blog For Traffic by Elna Cain

American freelance writer Elna Cain is one of the influencers in the international freelance writing scene. An entrepreneur and mother of twins, she also runs the blog Twins Mommy, which is where I discovered her online course Ready Set Blog For Traffic.

I am actually enrolled in this course and can personally vouch that it is worth every ringgit I invested in it. The course provides in-depth strategies on how to get more traffic to your blog and improving your blog in general. There are articles, video tutorials and even bonus materials for you to study after you finish the course materials, which makes this course a great bargain.

Course price: US$45 Available at:

2.Killer Cold Emailing by Jorden Roper

A successful freelance writer and entrepreneur in the US, Jorden Roper is a specialist in B2B writing and content marketing. Hence, her online courses are perfect for freelance writers planning to take their business to the next level.

One problem I have struggled with in the past is cold e-mailing and although I haven’t enrolled in this course yet, I plan to do so in the near future to improve my cold e-mailing pitches. I checked out other online courses related to the subject, but couldn’t find any that seemed as targeted as Roper’s course. Plus, the other courses cost thousands of ringgit, which is beyond what I can afford.

Roper’s course is by no means cheap, but she makes it a little easier for freelancers by allowing them to pay in installments.

Course price: US$259 or four payments of US$79. Available at:

3. J-School Audit: Journalism Crash Course by Carol Tice and Linda Formichelli

Linda Formichelli is a veteran freelance writer and author and so is Carol Tice, who is behind the famous blog Make A Living Writing. If you’ve never had formal education to become a journalist but desire to enter the profession, then this is probably your best and more affordable option.

Both Formichelli and Tice are experienced writers and journalists, which means that you’ll be learning from actual practitioners and not academics, as you would in a college or university. The best part is, the course is self-paced and hence takes the time pressure off the learning process.

Course price: US$197 Available at:

4. Your Freelance Business Blueprint by Mridu Khullar Relph

Mridu is behind the popular website The International Freelancer for as you guessed it, she is an international freelancer. Her credentials are stellar, having written for publications such as Time magazine, CNN and The New York Times, to name a few.

As a freelancer, Mridu knows that many freelance writers struggle with the business aspect of running a business, which is where this online course comes in handy. In this course, you will learn “how to approach your freelancing and finances in a way that sets you up for success.”

Course price: US$199 Available at:

If these courses are still too expensive for you, then I recommend that you check out Udemy and Skillshare, which also have short online courses for writers. However be warned that as their courses are cheap, you may not get what you really want. I’d personally save up a little and invest in a course by a well-respected freelancer, rather than go for the cheaper option. If there are any other courses you would like to recommend, please leave a comment in the Comments section.

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