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Essential Social Media Tools For Non-Fiction Writers

Use only the social media tools you need as a freelance writer

Yesterday I had brunch with a fellow freelancer and blogger, who got me thinking about social media for those of us who write non-fiction. Given that I have four social media accounts AND Pinterest, he got me thinking about streamlining my social media channels and posts. 

The truth is, I hardly use Instagram or Pinterest, although I'd like to use the latter more to promote this blog and my writing/training services. I'll leave Instagram and Pinterest for another day, because I feel those platforms are more suited to fiction writers and poets (feel free to disagree). 

For today, I am going to focus on the social media platforms I have observed other non-fiction freelance writers leverage on to promote themselves and their services. They are: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Pages. 

Let's begin.


Everyone loves a good opinion and LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you to showcase your expertise in your field. I encourage you to post your opinions on LinkedIn about industry issues and events, either in your own, original post or via comments on other people's posts. 

I remember taking a course on Skillshare on social media and the instructor's advice for using LinkedIn is "to be inspirational, controversial or functional". Figure out which category you belong to, and go forth. Plus, LinkedIn videos are now a thing you can use to share your expertise. So are Groups; I recommend you join at least two related to your industry to network, learn and share. 


Every writer should have a Twitter account for this builds community with people in your field, potential clients as well as fans of your writing. Better yet, for every original tweet that you post, retweet and comment on five other tweets...this will grow your follower base and create a loyal following. Also, try to post tweets that have photos or pictures attached to them...more visual tweets attract retweets and likes. 

Facebook Pages

I reckon if you're reading this post, you already have a personal Facebook account. Some freelancers I know have a separate Facebook account to promote their freelancing business, but this is difficult to manage, I find. The solution? Get yourself a Facebook Page to promote your writing services. You can brand yourself using your name (like I have), or use the name of your company/business. It all boils down to the image you want to portray. 

How do you get people engaged enough to like your Facebook Page? I recommend you post about it on your personal Facebook wall so your friends and family are aware of your new page. Your Facebook Page is an extension of your website, so use it to promote your latest offerings, blog posts, upcoming events or other relevant business updates. 

Finally, when you're done creating and/or updating the above social media accounts, include the social media links in your e-mail signature. This way, people will immediately know that you are contactable via social media and more likely to follow you on those channels. 

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