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How To Optimise Your Social Media Accounts

Getting it right from the very beginning

In my last post, I talked about essential social media accounts for freelance writers. Today, let's explore how you can leverage on social media by optimising these accounts. 

Here's why you need to optimise your social media accounts: 

1) It helps you use the accounts the right way to get more followers and/or likes. 

2) Your content is able to reach your target audience, and more importantly, get them engaged.

3) You get to build community, which is essential for a strong social media presence. 

Now, let's get into the nitty-gritty of optimising your LinkedIn, Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts:


The first thing you need to do is to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is interesting. Post a professional-looking photo and cover image related to your freelance writing business. Also ensure that your summary and bio are interesting and include relevant keywords that describe what you do. 

I am a big fan of freelance writers such as Jorden Roper of Writing Revolt and Elna Cain who offer free advice and resources for the global freelance writer community. I encourage you to do the same, in your specific field of expertise as a writer. 

The benefits of doing this are that you'll be recognised as an expert in your field and that may generate leads for your freelance writing business. You can showcase your expertise by sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn and responding to comments/likes, as well as commenting and liking posts by your LinkedIn contacts.

The idea is to have an opinion, an attributed that is valued by your professional network. In fact, I recommend that you go one step further and participate in LinkedIn groups in your field to share advice, resources and tips. 

Facebook Pages

Always, always remember that your Facebook Page is a reflection of your personal brand. Therefore some elements you should add to your page are: the “call to action” button, contact information, website URL, your bio, relevant hashtags and social media handles. 

Here are some tips on how to get more Facebook Page likes and engagement from your target audience: 

  • Post relevant photos and videos.  Posts with photos and videos generate more likes and engagement from Facebook users, rather than just plain text. 

  • Feature other writers’ FB pages. To do this like the page and add the featured likes column to your page.

  • Use pinned posts judiciously. When you have something new to tell your community, used pinned posts to get your target audience's attention. For example, use pinned posts to promote new lead-gen offers, upcoming events, or important announcements. 


Like your LinkedIn and Facebook Page, your Twitter account should also reflect your personal brand. Ensure that your profile photo and Twitter cover image reflect it well. Share your branded hashtag in your bio, along with your website URL. 

Many of us have hundreds, if not thousands of accounts we follow on Twitter. The best way to keep track of and engaged with these accounts is to use Twitter lists. You can use lists to curate accounts and tweets, such as from industry influencers and leaders, brand advocates, key customers and media outlets.

I also recommend that you posts tweets with pictures or videos as often as you can, as these receive higher engagement than text-only tweets. Also, you want to allow direct messaging and comment and retweet as authentically as you can to build a follower base and community. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. In the next and final installment, I will write about social media etiquette for freelance writers. 

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